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George Michael's lover did a porn flick! Yes!!! :D

Everybody else is buying George's albums.  I paid my respect by getting his lovers' porn flick.  He went by Isaac Mazar then.  It was hard to find too.  But just imagine George's Greek hairy chest colliding with Fawad's Arab hairy chest?  Cool!  Let's just say Fawad has a nice hookal btwn his legs!
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Oh noooo! Rest in peace, Miss Cleo!!!

WHAAAT!?!?!? MISS CLEO DIED!?!?!? I offer my condolences to her family. The Simpsons called her Queen Mamma Jamma! Like Lutha and Audre Lorde, we've lost another famous Black, LGBT person. To this day, sometimes I say out of nowhere, "And the young 1s, them say 'Ya keep it reeeeealll, Miss Cleoooo!!!" Darn, my favorite Jafakean has passed.

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race, gender, and homosexuality in TV commercial form

This commercial has real, actual historic precedent.
Keep in mind that of the 3 great loves of author E.M. Forster's life were men of color; one Indian and one Egyptian.

Read the book "Colonialism and Homosexuality."  In it, the author documents that many famous white men sources believe to be gay or bi had first homosexual experiences outside of Europe or America.  Examples include William Burroughs, Stanley of Stanely and Livingston, Flaubert, T.E. Lawrence, etc.

Some of the articles and video clips about sex tourism in Thailand speak about white male with wives at home who visit the country to have sex with ladyboys.

Thus, if you look at the commercial, the white father abandons his wife and kids and actively swims to the tourist industry workers of color.  Did he hug all of them? No; he intensely embraces the man in the group.  This commercial is an interesting representation of a man who is class-privileged, white, and presumed heterosexual who actually prefers to wrap his arms around a brown, foreign man rather than return to his typical life.

Think about it!
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Making us look bad!?!

Awwww shiiiiiit!!!!!!   The shooter of the 2 TV reporters was a fat, Black, gay man!?!?!  Look at him making us look bad!  But I gotta remember that there was no racist or homophobic backlash when a gay, HIV+, Latino guy killed passengers when he was texting, rather than focusing on conducting his damn train.  Also, President Obama gave Bayard Rustin a posthumous Medal of Freedom Award.
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Kevin Spacey makes biracial, bisexual, menage imagery.

Have y'all seen this Kevin Spacey commercial? The main point is to laugh at folk dancing and discussing savings at the same time. This commercial goes from showing dancing by a hetero, monoracial, monogamous pair to Kevin's making it a biracial, bisexual, polyamorous threesome. While his crotch area faces a woman's, his butt area faces a brotha's crotch area. Notice the Oreo cookie visual too. Plus, how many times in public settings do men going from just dancing w/their wife to dancing w/their wife & a man of a different race simultaneously? For an actor who dislikes talk of his sexual orientation, this is a surprising acting job.

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"This is wholesome!" (All Praise to Honey Made)

I could be late & every1 already saw it. But two loud snaps for Honey Made. Below is a commercial in which they show gay families, single-headed families, and interracial families as being equal 2 white, hetero, 2-parent families. & they emphasize, “THIS IS WHOLESOME!” Well, this is also revolutionary 4 an ad. I guess “Modern Family” really has broken down doors. Remember:  many folk says, "Well, it's ok for homosexual adults to have sex w/each other, but they need to be kept far away from children!"  And here we're seeing a gay couple with children, including a son?, in a commercial.  Awesome!  Please note: they don’t just show a white-color mixed couple; they also show a color-w/different-color couple. Single mothers may feel left out in this ad, but I think the ad is trying to say, “Public! Single dads raising children do exist!” I really need to find Honey Made’s headquarters so I can write them a LONG, sincere thanks letter. They represented!

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Diversity Concerns on this New Season of "Ink Master"

I don't want to call the show "oppressive" or "prejudiced" at all, but I do fear something.  There is a term on this whole series, "low-hanging fruit."  It means the contestants who have been doing poorly and it is obvious that they will be eliminated soon.  This program started off with three white women, two Black guys, one Asian guy, and an openly gay, white guy.  The show has always had this undercurrent in which women contestants feel under threat or subtly receive messages that they are not as talented as the guys.  However, that doesn't come up in this 1st episode.  The program kinda suggests from jump that all three men of color and the openly gay guy are the "low-hanging group."
I don't know what the cause is.  A.) Did the program try so hard to have racial and sexual diversity that it got diverse contestants that just can't shine as much as the majority men?  B.) Are they harder on the diverse contestants and maybe this is a sign of discrimination?  or C.)  These guys don't necessarily represent their marginalized communities and are they just not as talented as individuals?  I saw a documentary about "Saturday Night Live" in which the narrator said that, since its start, SNL has been critiqued for not spotlighting women and people of color as much as the white guys, but then the narrator said, "Those individual white guys who really made may have just been more truly talented."  I see this dilemma immediately on this "IM" season.
As a gay man of color, I'm on the edge of my seat watching the men of color and the one out guy take all these punches.  Again, I don't know if it's prejudices, chance, or affirmative action gone wrong.  I don't know the cause and am hesitant to point fingers.  However, I do wonder if I'll stay interested in the show if all these folk from oppressed groups get canned so fast.  I wonder if female viewers may have the same fears or uncertainties about the show along gender lines.  And I must ask: if within just a few episodes, if all the males of color and gays are gone, will it still be interesting to me?  Will it feel painfully un-diverse?  Will tattooists who are out or openly gay be reluctant to apply for future seasons?  Will this show have diverse candidates as window dressing from now on?  Have you ever heard actors or comics say, "In almost every scary movie, why is the Black character the 1st to be killed!?"  I have those same hesitations here, but I say so not with gusto, but with uncertainty.     Oh yeah, one more thing: Dave Novarro may be a biracial bisexual, if you view him from a certain perspective.  I wonder if he'd be especially sensitive about the concerns I have re: his show.